24 – 1

Randy Herbert


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A patriot serving in the US Armed Forces, Randy Herbert was shocked and disheartened when in 2009, he learned the Taliban had captured an merican POW. Along with the rest of the world, he watched the news updates on Be Bergdahl’s status wondering about how our only POW was going to hold up in the hands of the Taliban or even see a chance to come back home alive. As more personal information about Bergdahl began to emerge o did some surprising coinidences that linked the two service men to include they were both from the same home state in the US have never met, even to this date.When Petty Officer Herbert signed on to his second tour in 2012 it was at the request of his aster hief to attend the deployment with others who had not gone before. He did not have anyway to know the “coinidences” would continue, would lead him down a path that would interest the very same people h knew where Bergdahl was being held and what it would take to get him released. While many are familiar with the capture and release of Bowe Bergdahl, most only know what was reported by the media r what was known at the time. 24/1 is an astonishing first-person account of how Bergdahls release was made possible. Gs own plan ensured that this Army soldier and merican citizen was not going to be left behind.