A Case for Murder


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A sudden winter storm at the end of January takes the east end by surprise after an unusually warm autumn and a moderate stretch of early winter weather. It also serves as the backdrop to the discovery of two frozen bodies buried under a drift of snow in their car on an unpaved lane near the coastal village of Ocean View on Long Island’s south fork. Initial forensic investigations prompt the authorities to lean toward accidental deaths until subsequent investigation reveals the deaths to be probably homicides. The local community is shocked to learn that the two deceased are prominent local residents. The concerns become more pronounced when it is learned that the local high school football coach, whose wife was one of the victims, becomes a prime suspect in these deaths. The village law office of Fanelli & Lorenzo is contacted by the suspect to provide him with a legal defense, should one become necessary. It is Lorenzo who receives an anonymously printed note with explosive information detailing what the unknown note writer saw on the night in question. Failure to identify the informant, however, imperils his attempt to defend his client. A Case For Murder is replete with characters such as an involuntary fugitive from a federal witness protection program, a contract killer, and the man he is working for; a mob boss from another state, two families torn apart and humiliated by the deaths of the two victims, and a newly licensed private investigator, like Lorenzo, a retired police detective, who joins forces with the law office to gather the facts necessary to represent Lorenzo’s client as the pace of this thriller continues to accelerate, a hallmark of the author’s Marc Lorenzo murder series.