A Fateful Flaw

Larry Moeller


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A Fateful Flaw is a fictional tale set in the Judean wilderness immediately following the baptism of Jesus. Aided by the archangels Michael and Gabriel and other heavenly beings, God-now-man Jesus–shackled by time–grapples with human frailty and the sinister wiles of the devil. Whimsy and humor interlace pointed truths.Through intimate interactions with historic biblical characters, the man Jesus explores the gift of free will and probes the insidious effect of temptation to alter the course of one’s life. In surprising one-on-ones with Satan, he experiences both the lure and the distraction of lust (caution: adult content!) and weighs the allure of immortality. In the end, it is the satan who is caught flat-footed.For the Devout. Many will applaud the unique and added insights into the human-yet-divine tensions which Jesus face. Others may bristle as Jesus’s wilderness experience is viewed at times through a provocative lens. In the end, all will contemplate anew the fateful flaw and the good news of its promise.For the Marginal, the Curious, and the “Nones.” Those who marginally ascribe to Christian understanding or tradition or who wonder about God or faith or who claim no religious affiliation will be entertained and intrigued by the Jesus character as a man who laughs, teases, cries, and grieves. They will be fascinated by the elusive and wily personality of the satan. Above all, they will encounter the surprising depth of God.One certainty–A Fateful Flaw will prompt spirited conversation.