A Jealous Person Will Kill You, Literally!


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My mom always said, “A jealous person will kill you.”At the time, I didn’t quite fully understand what this meant, until I was faced with the realities of being hated by people to whom I had not done anything wrong. At this point in my life, I saw firsthand that there was true evil in this world. I was hurting, and my life was consumed by pure anguish. I was not perfect, and neither was anyone else. If I was hated by the choices that I’d made, “then so be it.”Despite my choices in life, this still neither justified nor gave them the right to do the things they did to me. It is so easy for someone to sit on their high mountain, judging others, but become blinded by their own faults and shortcomings.Daddy said, “You don’t have to do wrong to a person for them to not like you,” and from experience, I know that you don’t have to do wrong to a person for them to want you dead either!God saved me, and he sent his angels here to protect me. I am still here because God has a bigger and better plan for my life that no one can ever comprehend. I would ask God why I was going through so many troubles and why my life was so difficult.Now I ask God, “What is it that I am supposed to learn from this?”The things that I’ve gone through drew me closer to God. I experienced hearing God’s voice for myself, and when he is speaking to me, I now listen. I no longer view life from worldly eyes. God had always protected me from things that, at times, I didn’t know I needed protection from. The voice of the Lord is powerful. The voice of the Lord is majestic. There is true majesty in the Lord’s voice . . . Supreme Greatness indeed.