A Nice Relaxing Sea Cruise

Dale R Botten


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Question: What does a quiet substitute teacher from Des Moines do when he inherits a pirate ancestor’s old house, containing a diary with coded directions to a fabulous treasure? Simple. He embarks on a hazardous adventure of self-discovery, of course.James Bartholomew Hudson the Third. A soldier-of-fortune, a traveler, a daredevil… all of which he ain’t. The fact that he regularly gets seasick crossing a one-by-three mile inland lake on a calm day makes him a very unlikely swashbuckler.James the Third’s sailing prowess is matched stride for stride by his courting capabilities. Lovely Iris, on the other hand, is carnal, comely, captivating, comedic…and married. Iris is married to Scott. Scott is a jerk, an abuser in league with some very nasty people whose passion for profit is not deterred by the prospect of murder.Police Lieutenant Trevor is an unusual man. He looks like Dick Tracy, dresses like Columbo and spouts Shakespeare like Sherlock Holmes. Quite an interesting combination, this honest public servant who stormed into this dying seaside city and rose like a rocket through the ranks of the police department.Money, love, passion and murder are spiced up with sea-going adventure, pirates old and new, ancient Incas, poison darts and a new lust for life. Welcome aboard! We sail with the tide.