ABC Grace Scriptures

Michael and Tina Linton


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Using ABC GRACE Scriptures toddlers and children ages 1-7 years will learn the ABCs, the sounds of the letters of the alphabet, and learn to read at the appropriate time in a very fun and exciting but also in a very purposeful and fulfilling way! There are seven objectives listed in the front of this book. The overall use of this book promises to reinforce the Christ-life principles, which are envisioned to build character by forming the basis of the child’s thinking, thought-life; speech; identity: how he or she sees themselves; how they relate to their parents, siblings, peers and others; and, ultimately, how they live out their lives into their destiny. Memorizing the verses by continuously using the declarative method of reinforcement will help to release the Grace of God in the heart of every child to believe right so that he or she will live confidently and empowered in that particular area of his or her life! During prayer time, everyday life, or when faced with challenges or situations warranting its use, encourage the child to declare the scriptures herein. Give your child the greatest gift—the abundant Grace of God and the free gift of His righteousness. Before you know it, watch and see your child grow in the knowledge and truth of Jesus Christ while learning all important faith lessons: trusting in the love of God our Father and believing Christ from an early age, thereby manifesting the glory of God and see life reigning over all their circumstances!