Along Came a Watchman

Paul Daugherty


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Along Came a Watchman is a raw, sexually provocative, psychological thriller about a man who reads a letter he should never have opened. Numerous plot twists will lead you down one blind alley after another, and just when you think you’ve turned a corner, you’ll arrive at another costly dead end. Romance, betrayal, murder, and the secret agenda of a corruptible mayor and small-town sheriff will keep you guessing throughout. But as you turn the pages, it will ultimately be you who must decide who’s telling the truth and who shouldn’t be trusted. That was something Phillip Watchman should have considered before he opened Pandora’s Box. Sometimes the things we need outweigh the things we want. Sometimes it’s better to listen to what your gut is telling you rather than just give in to your desires. To see additional work published by Paul Daugherty, please click here.