Another Man’s Shoes

D. C. Page


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Based on a true story, this emotionally rich sharing of friendship brings you into the bond!David, who lives outside Philadelphia, receives a call from his best friend’s doctor in California. Gordon is suffering major organ failure and is on the brink of death!Gordon, an unmarried quadriplegic, has been in a wheelchair since he was twenty-two. His life is one of isolation, fear, and relative silence, except when David visits with stories of the world.David hikes internationally, motorcycles cross-country regularly, has a wife and three sons, works a full-time job, and is a nationally known speaker.To save Gordon’s life, the doctor induces a coma to promote rest and healing.Unable to reserve a flight, David leaves his family to drive cross-country, hoping to arrive before Gordon wakes, or dies.As Gordon fades in and out of consciousness, David struggles to stay awake and imagines Gordon into the passenger seat where the stories of their lives are recalled in three dimension.There are 2,700 miles of road to drive. The author invites the reader into the car to experience flashbacks that transport them into all ages of the main character’s lives and all over the world. It’s a wild ride of death-defying uphill battles, duty, arguments, friendship, humor, and love.The clock is ticking as each call to the doctor reveals Gordon’s touch-and-go status with life while every mile marker finds David fighting exhaustion and the fear that he might be too late.The reader comes face-to-face with experiences and people of influence surrounding David’s and Gordon’s lives. They witness what made these men who they are and why these contrasting characters see themselves as brothers.Slip into their shoes. Walk their different paths. Discover their common ground. Experience their brotherhood!