Ants Acting Up

Granny Mae


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Hello, I’m Granny Mae. Years ago I had popped a bowl of buttery popcorn to enjoy during a movie I anxiously anticipated watching that evening. Only I did a no-no; that being I put the bowl right next to me in bed. As the movie came on, I promptly fell asleep. Long after the movie had gone off, I woke up. Carefully I moved out of bed so as not to spill the contents of my bowl. I turned on the light to find thousands of ants in the bowl and thousands more traveling from the popcorn bowl, up the wall, and out my bedroom window. These ants were not everywhere but were only in a thick but orderly line out the window. They looked like tiny construction workers. There are over 14,000 species of ants all over the world. In places like the Amazon and rain forests, more species are discovered daily. In California, where I live, there are 270 species. I am thankful most are not house invaders.