Stan L. Guyer


It is in the year 2015 when Mykel turned sixty-five. He retires from work, and his family throw him a party to celebrate. Later he notices that he is feeling very poorly and goes to see his doctor. After numerous tests and scans, his doctor informs Mykel that he has lung cancer from his many years of smoking. Without some very aggressive chemotherapy treatments, he will die in four to five years. His family urged him to start the chemotherapy; however, his lawyer suggests a project at a cancer research facility in New Mexico that is looking for two hundred volunteers to help find a permanent cure for cancer.Against his family’s wishes, Mykel and a friend go to the cancer research facility in New Mexico, where Mykel meets a sixty-two-year-old lady by the name of Nichole Morningdove. Without knowing that the other had volunteered, Mykel and Nichole both volunteer for a highly radical test program. Shortly, everything at the cancer research facility goes completely wrong when a super influenza virus gets loose from the facility and rapidly spreads worldwide.When Nichole is kidnapped from the facility by a renegade army captain who wants her for his own evil purpose, Mykel learns the truth. Mykel follows them to Albuquerque, New Mexico, to find Nichole and stop Captain Stone. Along this path, Mykel runs into some old friends and makes some new friends, all of whom help Mykel find Nichole. Once Mykel and Nichole come together, God’s wrath is kindled against Captain Stone in a thunderous conflict.