Bandit Laferue Dawg Bark and Human Interpreter My Gray Paw

Karen Dochterman


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Bandit is the faithful little poodle that thinks he understands enough about humans, that he can help DAWGS and humans understand each other. Bandit thinks that there is not that much difference—or is there?Bandit believes that love and loyalty, especially to family, is very important. Gray Paw yells at Bandit and everyone else, but still, he is family, and Bandit will protect him.Then when My Lady and Doc Man have to go away for a day and cannot take Bandit with them this time, My Lady asks her father, Gray Paw, if he would go over and let Bandit out-out.The outcome of the day makes Bandit and Gray Paw be friends forever! Bandit is right—love, patience, and bacon treats do heal wounds.