Billy Swan Song

Nestor Macias


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One giant step for “MANKIND” July 20th. 1969 A.D. from the surface of the MOON!! United States Astronaut Neal Armstrong The cornucopias of history to present day logs and records are replete!! Replete of endless perpetual ever continuous ravaging, crushing of human skulls, beheadings in the countless numbers and annihilations of fellow human beings continue unabated!! Indeed!! The cornucopias of history are replete of savage below wild beast human blood lettings perpetuated upon mantype at the hands of fellow “Mentypes” of all Races!!!! The histories of “Mantype” of all races do NOT record mantype coexisting peacefully! Sharing of the harvests, of the hunts, of the lands, WATERS!!!! “Civilization” has demonstrated and proven to be “Uncivilized”!! Brutal, torturous, pain instillers, conscious void cold blooded murderous!! Since the beginning of mantype’s existence NOT one year has transpired peacefully, reposefully, enjoyably, tranquilly!! Mr. Neal Armstrong: One giant step for “MANKIND”!! Sir???