Breaking Down the Wall

Tana L. Chavez


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Many individuals struggle with sexual identity issues and find themselves using drugs and/or alcohol to self–medicate, which may lead them down a path to addiction. Take a journey along with the author on her road to recovery, while battling to come to terms with her sexual identity using poetry and journaling. Not feeling accepted by society, the author battles with depression and alcohol addiction. Through times of deep darkness, stuck in isolation and thoughts of suicide, the author uses poetry to deal with the shame, guilt, and anger – all the while struggling to conquer alcoholism and finding the courage and willingness to face reality and find true self, to begin Breaking Down the Wall.Being able to laugh, cry, and sometimes shout at the top of your lungs, whatever it may take to get through the dark times, finding a path to the light and out of a life of darkness. Read about Cupid going into a bar, or finding yourself sitting in court waiting to be judged, yet judging others, or talking with your addiction as if it is was an actual being. Fighting the demons inside, wearing many faces, hiding true self, afraid of what you may find. Writing poems in a blackout, which personality wrote the poem? What did that personality want to communicate? The author shows how to entertain yourself with the poetry that you do not remember writing, becoming a detective seeking clues of what you did in a blackout the night before, and being amazed with yourself that you survived a night of drunkenness – trying over and over to stay sober, wanting so much to become a whole person without experiencing the ups and downs, struggling with an addiction, hurting friends and family, burning bridges. In the end, the victor is you, not the demons that fought so hard to keep you their prisoner. Recovery is possible.