Chips, HoHos, and Murder


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Alice K. Lambert is the wealthy and successful owner of Lambert House, a large and elegant ADA-certified bed and breakfast on Maui. Alice enjoys good champagne in the morning, cooking and baking creatively, surfing, traveling, and advocating for persons with disabilities. Most of her guests are friendly and eager to explore the wonders of Hawaii.Then one day, gentle Elmer and nasty Thelma Ford arrive from Reno, with Thelma loudly announcing that Elmer now has the brain of an eight-year-old. Elmer had suffered a stroke and brain injury while on his job as a firefighter. Thelma had to quit her teaching job to take care of him and soon turned into a very angry woman who took out her frustrations on Elmer while cutting him off from family and friends. Within two days of their arrival, Thelma managed to insult and berate other B&B guests, staff, and most everyone she met on Maui. After an unpleasant zip line tour, Thelma spent an angry evening in her room, gorging on chips and HoHos. That was her last known activity. It took two days to find Thelma’s body at the site of a new hot tub. She was murdered, and the suspect list was endless.