Climate-Change Hysteria



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Climate alarmists continue to issue dire forecasts of global disasters in coming decades based on long-term computer projections of alleged “anthropogenic global warming” (AGW)—supposedly caused by accumulation of atmospheric carbon dioxide produced in the burning of fossil fuels. Evidently, some climatologists are embarrassed by the fact they haven’t yet been able to model and accurately simulate some of the phenomena known to be forcing Earth’s climate changes, and consequently, they appear to have adopted a strategy of claiming any effects on Earth’s climate by such phenomena are insignificant by comparison to the effects of atmospheric carbon dioxide. Unfortunately, there is no scientific evidence on which to base such a claim. With climatologists conspicuously unable to prove their AGW hypothesis, AGW demagogues are now desperately trying to change the subject. By branding nonbelievers as “climate deniers” and “science deniers,” AGW demagogues are falsely claiming nonbelievers deny the well-established fact that Earth’s climate changes over time. Nothing could be further from the truth. Such pathetic attempts to change the subject are nothing more, nor less, than the classic smokescreen strategy employed by demagogues whenever they’re caught in lies of their own making. The real “climate deniers” are those who are so ignorant of our physical world they don’t know the only thing constant about Earth’s climate is that it is now, and always has been, constantly changing—and changing so chaotically the changes can be accurately described only as stochastic. Rather than continuing to further inflame climate-change hysteria, isn’t it about time to admit the obvious reality that Earth’s climate is, and always has been, constantly changing far beyond any feeble human capability to stop it and acknowledge that humanity should focus on accommodating what it can’t control? To do otherwise would be just one more pathetic demonstration of human gullibility and ignorance.