Diamond Eyes Makes His Mark

DJ Key


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Mark Van Buren, nicknamed Diamond Eyes by his loving aunt, is a fourteen-year-old misfit from Michigan who can’t seem to do anything right. When he discovers his father and stepmom plan to ship him to Florida to live with his uncle DJ and aunt Rita, the founders of a cover band, the Ambient Images, he worries he won’t be accepted. But when he fills in to sing one night, he finds himself at the start of a personal journey that will change his life forever, as well as the lives of everyone around him.Various adventures take him on an Alaskan cruise, the Las Vegas desert, an Amish farm, and a crocodile-infested swamp. Through it all he discovers who he is while experiencing the ups and downs of life.Diamond Eyes Makes His Mark is a testament to the trials and tribulations adolescents face in today’s world, such as bullying, suicidal thoughts, loss of a loved one, and sexual identity. Ultimately, it is a tale of faith, endurance, and the power of unconditional love.