Don’t Look Like What I Been Through

Christina Blake


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This remarkable story of an African-American woman named Christian whose life has been nothing of a fairy tale. Christian’s mother was murdered when she was only thirteen, and her father was an alcoholic and physically abusive to Christian and her two siblings, Angel and Ron. Christian decided to turn to drugs and alcohol as a way to escape, which led her down a dark path that led to numerous incarcerations and the loss all her children to Child Protective Services.However, Christian decided to turn her life around and give other women hope, determination, and courage to follow their dreams no matter what the past may look like. Christian went to college, obtained some certifications, and is currently a foster mother to the same system that took her children. Christian’s able to give another child what someone was able to give to her children when she wasn’t capable.This is a must-read book that will change the dynamics of someone who doesn’t understand that your past doesn’t determine your present, but it can shape your future in a positive way if you turn your pain into gratitude. Don’t Look Like What I Been Through is a book that if you read it, your life will never be the same.View the author’s video trailer HERE!