Dry Lands

Trent Mills


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The Pearson family moves to the southeast part of Colorado where a farming community depends on rainfall to harvest crops. The town of Walsh has discovered a way to bring moisture to their desiccated lands but at a substantial cost. How far would someone go for the survival of their town and way of life?Tragedy occurs when youngest daughter Emily disappears along with the family dog. While the Pearsons search for their missing child and pet, oldest daughter Audra seeks help from their neighbor, a Native American. The family will slowly discover a dark secret the small settlement has been keeping. As the history of the town is revealed, the terrifying truth could have a devastating conclusion. How far would you go for the people you love?To rescue her sibling, Audra will leave this earthly plane and enter a dark realm where she will face a macabre presence-a malicious spirit summoned for an evil purpose. Will the family reunite and make it out alive? Traditions never die, even when blood is spilled.