Fool’s Hill

Dr. Ron Cubit


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This book expresses the challenges the author faced in life while attempting to fit into constantly changing environments. Throughout the book, the author explains the transitions involving his fool’s hill-a concept presented to him by his grandmother. Early in life, the author experienced changing life situations, and he desired to be accepted, which led to mischievousness then gravitated to crime and other rebellious acts. As a high school dropout, the author volunteered to serve in the United States Marine Corps, and after enlistment, struggles continued. After earning his high school diploma, discharge from the military, and the birth of his son, the author decided to turn his life around but struggled making the transition. During employment challenges and several money-making ventures, the author earns two associate’s degrees, a bachelor’s of science, a master’s degree, and eventually, a doctorate in education degree from Pepperdine University. Haphazardly, he finds employment that helps troubled individuals, and from communicating the challenges he faced, assisted others in finding their way. Behold, the author discovers and finds his “Why” as stated in the quote by Mark Twain. Nevertheless, after facing personal challenges including divorce, he detaches from family and finds his love for the outdoors, especially backpacking, which many African Americans don’t partake. Several challenging escapades in the wilderness he explains humorously. Eventually, the author reconnects with family. This book differs from others because it describes the challenges an African American male, who isn’t a celebrity, faces while transitioning from a troubled inner-city life to one that helps others succeed. Included in the book is much history about the civil rights era and beyond. Many situations explained with a comedic twist.