Fringe Scarves


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The title reference of Suri with the Fringe on Top is actually from a musical play called Oklahoma!. Although our Suri refers to a type of alpaca, the Surrey from the hit show, Oklahoma!, refers to a buggy, both with the same pronounced sound but different spellings and meanings. The Surrey with the Fringe on Top is a show tune from the 1943 Rodgers and Hammerstein musical, Oklahoma!. While the Suri deals with fiber from an alpaca that is spun into yarn for knitting. The fringe-knitting techniques used in this book are surprisingly easy to master but provide a very professional-looking scarf product. These techniques can also be used to add fringe to collars, glove hems, or almost any knit project. The fringe can be braided or beads can be added to the fringe to fancy up its look. Uses and looks are limitless. So let your imagination go wild.