From Hide to Hugs

Berneyle Pittman


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My name is Berneyle Pittman, and I am proud to present to you my book, From Hide to Hugs. This book is a manual on how to make fur teddy bears from any fur garment to a finished bear with claws, glass eyes, and an open smiling mouth with lips and teeth. It is ideal for the bear maker with experience and if followed step by step, a novice can also do well.A real-bear teddy bear and my marsupial Koala teddy bear patterns are included with step-by-step instructions and illustrations designed to encourage you to explore and experiment with every aspect of making a fur bear. I have included every secret and technique I know to make this as easy and successful as possible. Included are photographs of some of the bears and animals I have made from fur using these very techniques. When you have completed your bear, you will have the foundation to make any animal from real fur.It is my hope that through this book, you will hone your fur skills and have the ability to transform your other bear-making ideas into those made from fur.