From the Other Side of the Bed

Frank Mitchell


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For the first time in my life, I had to fight for it. COVID attacked me, my family, and the world. Being a trauma nurse in the emergency department, I often find myself (as do all of my coworkers) meeting people on the worst day of their lives. Now for the first time, I started meeting people during the worst time of mine.This book is written to illustrate how we should be able to fight the devastating effects of this virus together. There is an army that is available to everyone, and every single person can become part of the army that everyone needs in their life. We can focus this army to support one another, or to tear us apart because someone thinks differently than we do. This is an age-old problem that continues to face us today, something I call self-righteous indignation. It continues to tear apart our friends, families, and even countries. We need each other’s strengths, not each other’s opinions.There is a person in that medical bed–someone with family, friends, and a health care team. They need us. They need support. But so do those who are on the outside looking in. I hope this book offers a glimpse into what it was like to be a caregiver who found himself changing from bedside care to needing care from the other side of the bed and to see how that need extended into my family and friends.