Fundamentals of Living and Non-Living Universes from Black Holes To Cancer

Kambiz Afrasiabi M.D.

Fundamentals of living and nonliving universes addresses the most fundamental law that governs the known nonliving universe and its extension into the living universes. The author discusses major misconceptions regarding both realms. He introduces three major concepts for the first time: 1. Infinity wall, which argues with an ever-expanding universe theory that is currently widely accepted in scientific society.2. Law of spontaneity, which describes how all the complex intracellular events are happening smoothly.3. Quantum supervectors, which reprogram each cell according to its master regulator complex entropy. The author also recognizes the urgent need for generation of a new field of science that he has coined quantum biology and training a new generation of scientists that could handle the massive challenges ahead of us in solving diseases like cancer. The author also recognizes that deep understanding of simple events, both in living as well as nonliving universes, should become our major priority before our premature rush toward solving complex problems such as cancer and space travel.