Get ’em Cookin’

Linda G. Turrell


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Good food adds to good memories, good health, and good times! Get ‘Em Cookin’ Down–to–Earth recipes shows you what you need, how to buy, and how to do it! It shows you how to read recipes for success in your kitchen and how to vary your recipes.The key is to know what to focus on and how to organize yourself so you are comfy as well as successful in your own kitchen. Your goal is to set the stage, or in this manner the table, by applying your new cooking knowledge in seven easy steps!Your memories in the kitchen should be warm and comforting, maybe even bring both tears and smiles to your face. Perfection will not be your goal, but the memory of trying to get it right may be just the warm fuzzies that make your day! I hope the memories I have shared with you, you have enjoyed and have inspired those of you to venture into the world of creating both your own wonderful memories and good food.Your kitchen should be a place of refuge, fun, and joy!I bring you joy!