Gypsy the Refugee

Patricia Coughlin PhD


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On a cold, snowy morning in middle America, the just awakened Collins family find an abandoned black-and-white spotted puppy on their front porch. Accompanying the furry orphan is a mysterious letter. The loving, gregarious, slightly opinionated Collins children convince their mother to keep the little waif, whom they named Gypsy. This decision sets off a series of life-altering events leading to danger and international intrigue. The family soon realizes that Gypsy is no ordinary dog, although the golden earring in her left ear should have been the first clue. Gypsy joins the other Collins pets—a beautiful, vain umbrella cockatoo named Tina, the soft-hearted ferret named Hardy, and the ever-elusive Frankie, the boa constrictor. Gypsy is somehow able to make her thoughts and wishes known to her human family and animal friends, leading to adventures beyond the family’s wildest dreams.