Hair of the Dog

Alexander Hartman and Frances Hymes


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“We attacked and ate a number of people because we were hungry.”Centuries ago, a man stood accused of thirteen ghastly murders. Brazenly, he declared his innocence, blaming his acts on a curse that transformed him into a ravenous wolf. It was a case that would shatter the blissful ignorance of human civility and pave the way to understanding modern serial killers.Today, Morgan Stern awakens to a morning worth sleeping through. A stupid prank, a humiliating video, and the aftermath of the ensuing bender ought to be penance enough for whatever karmic debt he owed the universe. But when one of the pranksters turns up brutally mutilated in the Virginian forests, clearing his name will mean stepping into a nightmare world of vengeance, violence, and creatures long thought to be mere fantasy‚Ķand all before his first cup of coffee too.