High Country

Claudette Weaver


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After a series of personal hits, photographer, Nicole Karr, secluded herself in the heart of the desert, taking photos to show the beauty of the vast expanse of the country she loves and loves sharing through her photographs. Just as she settled into the life she chose, a dust cloud in the form of Richard Hunter enters her domain to disrupt all she has created and tear down the wall she built around herself.The memories Nicole has refused to acknowledge as her life is way too close to the surface for this invasion of her sanctuary. How was she going to deal with this event known only to her as Richard Hunter? The only choice she has is to run for the closest oasis. But as fate would have it, Richard refuses to give up on the assignment their boss has given to him.He follows her into the vast unknown area just to become lost and gets himself in the worst of trouble. Injured and unconscious, Nicole has no choice but to put her plans of running away aside to step in and rescue the fool.Can she accept the new feelings he has stirred? Can she do what has been asked of her, to leave the home she has created, even for the short time that has been asked of her, to investigate new territories and the feelings lurking in the depth of heart, not even expecting to have her past pull itself out of the pit to reveal a very different reality?