Honu Kai and Tomorrow’s Land

Amanda Ybanez


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Main character “Honu Kai,” which means “green sea turtle of the sea” in Native Hawaiian, the name symbolizes endurance, long life, and luck. This green sea turtle’s story starts off coming out of his egg at an unknown beach with only Luna, Hawaiian for “moon” to name him and guide him on a perilous journey of discovery to Tomorrow Land. Luna guides him through the open ocean, Great Pacific Garbage Patch, makes friends along the way, and gets educated on global warming / climate change. The reader will be taken on the same journey with Honu Kai learning and experiencing the importance of a clean environment and being responsible caretakers of our planet Earth. This book is mesmerizing, enchanting, educational, and brings about environmental awareness that is tangible to the child experience in reading, learning, and engaging in current world issues.