How Lucy the Ladybug Got Her Spots

Lisa Levy


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Hi, friends, I’m Lucy the Ladybug. I live in the village of Bugsville, at No. 1 Ladybug Lane, with my six children. We live in a beautiful cottage beneath a large oak tree. We have many nice neighbors.You will meet all six of my children. Their names are Lester, LuLu, Lenny, Lindsay, Lance, and Lola. You will also meet Grandma Lela. My middle child, Lindsay, is the one who asks a lot of questions all the time. Now she wants to know how her mom got all her beautiful spots. Do you think, perhaps, that Grandma Lela will have the answer that Lindsay is looking for? Also, just what does Grandma and Lindsay plan to do on a Saturday morning? And why is Lindsay in such a hurry to get to Grandma’s house?Enjoy the surprises that you will find inside this story titled How Lucy the Ladybug Got Her Spots.To read about Lisa Levy’s first book, “Ladybugs to the Rescue”, click HERE.To read about Lisa Levy’s third book, “Lucy the Ladybug on Race Day”, click HERE.