I Almost Cancelled: Showing Up When Fear Tells You to Stay Home

Jessica Bettencourt


“Challenging . . . Encouraging . . . Inspiring.” — Kim Singletary, Wife of NFL Hall-of-Famer Mike Singletary and Cohost of Family Tip Fridays

How to wipe out self-doubt and step out with confidence

There has to be more. Something inside you knows there is. Then you second guess everything.

What if I ask for what I want . . . and the answer is no?

What if I try something new . . . and end up making a fool of myself?

Am I selfish? Should I just be happy with what I have?

Am I living the life God intended for me?

Jessica Bettencourt knows what it’s like to face rejection, feel like she doesn’t belong, and second-guess big decisions. But she also knows that we have to face fear and risk failure to live out our calling.

Raised in Tennessee, she was exposed to financial insecurity and hardships at an early age. She attended six different elementary schools before the age of ten, was on her own financially at eighteen and attended seven colleges to earn her bachelor’s degree. But through self-belief, grit, and persistent action when fear told her to stay home, Jessica continued to show up. She has become a two-time multi-million-dollar entrepreneur, an empowering speaker, and a sought-after coach. She has inspired tens of thousands to embrace their God-given gifts, push their fears aside, and take the next step towards a better future . . . and the next one

In I Almost Cancelled, Jessica shares how one scary decision after another led to a life she couldn’t even imagine. Her storytelling and southern charm will have you laughing at times and crying at others. She shows you step by step how to overcome self-doubt and build the life you’ve always wanted-not the life others tell you to want. She dispels the myth of goals, shows how to embrace imbalance over the much sought-after work-life balance, teaches mindset over skill set, and explains why obstacles are always opportunities. The book lays a clear path to get out of your own head and show up for the next chapter of life, whether that’s getting back into the workforce, improving your health, starting a business, adopting a child, or serving your community.