I Overcame by the Blood of the Lamb

Pastor Christine Peebles


The Ministry of Reconciliation is something God gave unto me before I entered into the ministry. In my getting alone with God, fasting and praying, and shutting in at Sister Linnie Gunn’s beauty shop between 1979 and 1980, I heard the Lord say: I have given unto you the Ministry of Reconciliation. I entered into the ministry in August 1981. I evangelized from 1981 until 1998, when God called me into pastoring. The Ministry of Reconciliation, along with the prophetic ministry, has greatly been in operation in my life and through me. Glory be to God. I have seen the hearts of so many reconciled back unto God, and the harvest is about to become greater than ever before. Almost thirty-five years have been added on to my life since the beginning of my ministry, but I’m about to enter into the harvest that has been sown. I overcame by the blood of the Lamb.Christine was married to Melvin Peebles. Together, they have two sons, Kelvin and Titus, who Christine loves more than she can express. They have blessed her with four grandchildren – Christopher, Kelisha, Kaniya, and Kortney.