In His Arms

R.H. Krämer


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When two imperfect young adults from nearly perfect families meet and their worlds change for a better they never imagined, a love story is born.Celine, a black first-generation Detroiter, was not always treated very kindly growing up in the high caste society. She can remember being called enough derogatory names to fill a dictionary with by girls she had come to know as her friends.Daniel, a German devout Lutheran and perfectionist, who spends most of his time building his brand and perfecting his talents, has no time to bother with the activities and social lives of most kids his age. Celine notices that women of all ages admire his striking features and charisma, but Celine is the only woman that he can see. She is the only woman that he wants.Tragedy strikes when Celine finds herself in harm’s way during her summer internship with a bigot that disapproves of her interracial relationship with Daniel. Who will save her and how will such a tragedy affect the fresh duo? Will the insecurity of being so inexperienced with a man that every woman wants a piece of coupled with the psychological scars of being attacked be enough to break Daniel and Celine apart?Experience the excitement of first love all over again with this couple that have quite a few challenges to overcome along the way. Their ultimate goal is to make it through together.