It’s Okay to Cry


What do you do if you suspect that a child is being abused? What signs do you look for and how can you help? How can you prevent a blended family from being a broken family? Suppose your child is being bullied in school or worst suppose your child is the bully? Who comforts the child during the time of family illness or death, and how can you encourage them? We are living in a time when violence against children is at an all-time high. Much of it comes from the hands of a frustrated parent or someone being careless with a gun. A report by the US Department of Health and Human Services issued in 2017 states that approximately 3.5 million children were the subject of at least one report of child maltreatment or abuse. That same year, approximately 1,720 children actually died from abuse and neglect. Black, White, and Hispanic cultures are all affected.It’s OK to Cry is a handy tool for parents, children’s ministry volunteers, and others who are serving children as they work through some of those difficult times in their lives. Some of those tools include signs to know if a child might be in an abusive situation and what you can do to help. Inside, you will not only find ways to help your own child but other children as well. Also included are Bible verses and stories that will encourage, inspire, and instruct.