Just Punishment

David R. Payne


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Everything was perfect for the Tyler family until their beloved Amanda disappeared on a cold Texas night. Her older brother was charged with the responsibility of protecting her and he failed. Forced to embrace questionable means of investigation in an effort to find her, the oath taken by Zeb Tyler when he became an assistant district attorney is tested beyond limits. Courtroom confrontations pit proponents of victim’s rights against anti-death penalty advocates, and Zeb is hailed as the messiah for victims across America. His world detonates as he faces Jackie Lincoln, a Yale-educated liberal who holds the Constitution as her hammer and touts its protection for all, even those who rape and murder the innocent. She is beautiful, relentless, and backed by Rector, Lehman and Kirkpatrick, DC’s most formidable attorneys who receive a perpetual stream of cash from the Hollywood elite and a myriad of greed-filled corporations with no face or moral compass, all of whom have made the abolishment of the ultimate penalty their primary objective. These gladiators of justice quickly find themselves in the national spotlight fueled by innuendo and courtroom gossip and a fevered desire to advance their causes. Unlikely alliances are formed, the lines of justice are tested, and the law suddenly becomes a faded gray line as they ultimately search for and find just punishment.