Keepers of Power

Joshua Undem


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The owner of a Nebulan Cluster shipping company finds that his family’s future will be inescapably intertwined with an ancient artifact. This relic, rumored to hold the key to unfathomable power, is sought by any who lust for power. His grandson, Tobius Stryker, is the one who will have to weather the storm this item has wrought over the past millennium, but little did he realize what it truly is.The relic carries Tobius down a path of mourning, anger, and self-discovery as he tries to unravel the mysteries that his family has found. This path pushes him into the unseen culture of the Keepers of Power, a reclusive cult of flow walkers. This group keeps a natural view of the flow, believing that it has three purposes–the pursuit of wealth, knowledge, or justice–and they use their power to help strengthen the flow by the pursuit of one of these focuses. These pursuits are determined through tests, and Tobius finds himself to be the first seeker of justice in a thousand years.Finding himself to be the predecessor to the nightmare the Keepers dare not speak about, he discovers the plot of an entity set on galactic destruction. Having to rely on his own instincts as well as the friends, he finds on the way. Tobius must not only find peace with his life but also save the galaxy from the ghost of the Keepers’ secret past.