Lady’s New World


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Lady, a fun-loving, curious beagle, let off her leash in her own back yard for the first time, is in for an adventure of her young life. But there are other creatures in her back yard.Rocky Robin sees all. From up on high, his constant watch has everyone down below feeling safe. Rocky warns his new found friend, that a bully, Tomcat Teddy, roams in her own back yard.George the Grasshopper is a carefree, restless soul, always hopping off into a fresh batch of leaves.Alan the Ant will not be ignored. He’s seen plenty from ground level, and he won’t put up with any nonsense.Seymour the Snake is calculating, with a personality to match, as he wriggles and slithers his way through the tall grass.Wendell the Worm wears black horn-rimmed glasses that sets off his large, inquisitive eyes. He holds court with the other earthworms, advising them to keep a low profile.Sidney the Squirrel is the tree king, never having met a piece of bark that he didn’t like.Curious Rabbit is always eating, and with his puffed out cheeks, it’s hard to tell exactly what he is eating.Brenda the Butterfly is the grand dame, always fluttering about, with a certain grace and style.Tomcat Teddy, as a bully and as always getting his way, has a considerable paunch from being able to eat anything and everything in the back yard. He has flashing, menacing eyes that matches his swaggering stroll through the back yard. This is a fictional tale that will capture the heart, soul, and imagination of the youngest reader. For it is in a wild and surprising roller coaster ending to this young children’s story, where Lady discovers the true meaning of love, unity, and friendship.