Maintaining The Seed


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Maintaining the seed of God . . . His Word. Am I bleeding to death right in the house of God? Is my seed “stillborn” (no more Word in me)? Have I been seduced and allowed Satan to induce (take my seed) before God has finished with me? Am I “failing to thrive” and have not reached spiritual maturity yet? Am I a “careless carrier” of His Word (His seed in me). If any of these questions concern you, then it is God’s will to forgive you and heal you. I want you to know that it is crucial to maintain His word . . . it is your bloodline to eternal life. Do not abort his word . . . Do not abort the ministry, assignment, nor your mandate. God has not been dethroned. Do not let human error, sin, frustrations, trials, or disappointments cause you to expel His seed before He has completed His work in you . . . Maintain his seed . . . His Word is your life. Joyce G. Cherry, B.Th., M.Div., D.Min., is the Founder and Senior Pastor of Greater Beulah Land International Fellowship in Conway, North Carolina. Dr. Cherry walks in the office of the apostle and functions in the gifts given to the body of Christ for edification. She has been ministering as an anointed preacher and dedicated teacher since 1973, and has been faithfully serving without compromise. She has traveled internationally with the late Bishop R. C. Williams to the United Kingdom, Canada, and throughout the United States. She is a registered nurse, biblical workshop facilitator, founder of JAELS Women’s Fellowship, conference speaker, and advocates through the blood of Jesus to speak His answer. Dr. Cherry has a passion for believers and unbelievers who struggle with their desire to fulfill God’s will to serve and to understand their God-given purpose. Her motto is “At the end of the day, He is still God because the blood speaks