Maria’s Life in Guatemala and USA

Maria M. Torres


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Maria’s story begins in Guatemala, a country in Central America. It describes the hardships, mischievousness, and happiness of her childhood, along with her parents, five brothers, and four sisters. At an early age and being the oldest child, she assumes the responsibility to take care of her younger siblings. Despite their poverty and austere life, Maria and her family enjoy the best they can with their scarce resources.Destiny takes Maria to Los Angeles, California, a place where she settles and starts a new family. She meets her future husband, Cree, and has two children who are her world. It also depicts the sacrifices, challenging experiences, and the long hours of hard work she endures to begin building the foundation for a better future not only for herself but for her family as well.Maria’s story is an ordinary but a unique story given her humble beginnings, her adaptation to a new society, and her successful achievements. This is a story of a simple and brave woman, an inspiration to emulate!