Marriage Coaching 101 Daily Tools

Alicia and Chaz Cohens


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Marriage Coaching 101 Daily Tools is a daily devotional for marriages. These tools can be used in your everyday marriage as a couple, individual, or group devotions. These daily tools can also be used at marriage conferences during breaks, virtually or in person. These tools address the usual oppositions faced in marriages today: intimacy, sex, communication, emotions, finances, love, fidelity, infidelity, children, marriage levels, etc.The book gives out a daily devotion followed by a daily tool that is very practical. The book also speaks to marriages from a different perspective, which is unusual in most marriage books. Marriage Coaching 101 Daily Tools is appropriate for the times we are in now and can help bridge the gap between married couples through biblical principles used in the Marriage Coaching 101 Daily Tools. These daily tools are a must-have for every married and engaged couples everywhere.