“Me-We” Wins

Deanne Renard


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“Me-We” Wins is about women discovering who God created them to be, their inner “Me,” and improving their lives reflectively. This process involves pulling back the many layers women have developed to hide/protect their “Me” from the potential pain of being vulnerable in their “We” relationships. She is forced to hide her “Me” and yet function daily as a partner of her “We” relationships in families, friendships, careers, marriages, and interactions with God. Each chapter addresses the various issues that may arise in the relationships and the positive versus negative reactions of her “Me.” A workbook is included to help you personally connect and explore the details outlined in each chapter. At the onset of the book, we explore who your “Me” is by identifying talents, gifts, and godly desires, as well as the negative distractions interfering with your “Me,” evolving into all she was created to become. The focus is on discovering and enjoying your “Me” and, in turn, getting to know God as your creator. This book is a tool for women desiring to live their best life through the self-discovery of their internal, God-given power enabling them to win as “Me” and as a partner in “We.”