My Life behind the Scene

Mae Barrett


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In Mae’s life, at the heart of her story, she had to learn through her relationships after finding out multiple times that Billy was cheating on her even through high school. There were times she wanted to let go of the relationship, but deep down in heart, she felt she was losing something very special, not knowing that Billy had his eyes on women, drugs, and the different places. He chose to find love in the streets. After giving her life to Christ, Mae ended up marrying Billy because of her pastor telling her that since she gave her life to Christ, she and Billy had to get married, even when she knew that he really wasn’t the man for her. She took in an eight–year–old child in her house and put her under her wings as goddaughter. When the girl was fifteen, Mae’s husband slept with the girl, and Mae knew then it was a wrap. After Mae shared her hurt and pain with her friend Sandra, she began telling Mae to put him and her out. Instead of putting them out, her husband pushed her into the hands of another man. After falling in love with Cliff, she just knew that he was everything to her as well. She ended up letting him go as well because he was the type of guy who was trying to destroy her life through sex and drugs. In this society, you can never know who to trust in a relationship; that is why it’s so important to pray before battling with something unnecessary that will cause danger to your mind, body, and soul. In the memory of our loved ones: My two grandmothers Mary Jane Wardsworth and Lilly Barrett, second mother Mrs. Shirley Ann Miller, my two brothers John Douglas Barrett and Isaiah Cleveland Junior Barrett.