One Wife Too Many

Katherine Jones


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The Mitchells are seemingly the perfect couple, happy and in love. Harlan is a hospital administrator, and Shayla, his wife, is a successful real estate woman, heiress, and mother of their two grown sons. For twenty–some years, they lived the American dream, then Harlan sees the alluring Celia Green in the hospital and succumbs to her beauty. They carry on a hot and heavy love affair for five years, then Celia persuades Harlan to marry her, and he does without benefit of divorcing his wife.At the end of their first wedding day in Vegas, their relationship changes for the worse. Tension develops, tempers flare, threats are made, and the triangle turns deadly when Celia demands Harlan divorce his wife. Harlan flatly refuses. Celia vows she is not going to play second fiddle and tells Harlan if he wants a divorce, get it from Shayla.