Promise of a New Beginning


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A Christian family enjoying life to the fullness and loving God is hit with tragedy. When they were coming back from a weeklong camping trip, just a mile from their home, a drunk driver hits them head on, hurting Chad and killing his wife. Leaving him to take care of their two children. Now Chad is living with the guilt, pain, and sorrow of his loss, at the same time trying to raise his two children, one with asthma and the other who is very sick and is in and out of the hospital. Then God steps on the scene and starts to work and heals his mind and heart. But it’s up to Chad to walk through the open door that God provided, or will he close it and walk away? And can a woman named Chasity help heal the broken heart, as well as receive her own healing? Or will both refuse to take the chance at a promise of a new beginning?