Real-Life Marriage: Navigating Your Beautiful, Messy, One-Of-A-Kind Love Story

Traci Morrow


In Real-Life Marriage: Navigating Your Beautiful, Messy, One-of-a-Kind Love Story, author, marriage mentor, and public speaker Traci Morrow debunks the happily-ever-after stereotype to offer a fresh perspective on what it takes to make a marriage great.

How can marriage offer a container for real growth? What can couples do when conflict occur? What does it take to make a marriage successful? Morrow’s Real-Life Marriage explains that a truly successful union comes with years of intentional choices, extended forgiveness, good communication, and a resolve to stay and work together and grow through differences. Real-life marriages don’t just happen, they are built. Offering tools and advice that couples can use to achieve their marriage goals, Morrow uses her thirty years of marriage mentoring–and the experience and advice that come with it–to provide real-life guidance on how to make a real-life marriage a real happily ever after.