S.I.P. Shelter In Place

Louis J McNerney and Brad Smith


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When the pandemic struck America, Lou decided to use his time to do something positive and share his passions with everyone. He first worked on a cookbook, In Lou of Going Out, to offer folks simple to follow recipes to enjoy with their family and even host impressive dinner parties for their friends. In doing so, Lou considered that another key part of an evening out is having a cocktail or two before, during, and after dinner. Lou went to work on his second book, S.I.P.: A Cocktail Guide and Reference for Making Craft Cocktails at Home.

This guide includes information on equipping a home bar as well as what type of glass to pour that special drink into and serve. Lou has been engaged in the restaurant business and bartending on and off most of his life. He and his second wife, Laurie, hosted a gourmet dinner club for over ten years. After losing his wife to a battle with cancer in 2007, Lou continued to follow his passion and hosted dinner gatherings and cocktail parties with family and friends. Lou currently bartends at the Northridge Country Club in Fair Oaks, California. He collaborated with his bar manager and good friend Brad Smith to complete this book.

Lou hopes you will enjoy learning the art of creating craft cocktails and hosting your own gathering with family and friends in style. Sale proceeds of the cookbook In Lou of Going Out and the S.I.P. Cocktail Guide will be donated to Feeding America.