Seven Arrows

Gustavo Novoa


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Ricky is a ten-year-old boy who lives with his busy mom who never seems to have much time for him, and his elderly Native American grandfather, who has nothing but time. Grandfather fills the boy’s head with folklores about the relationship between man and nature, and tells him stories about how one day Ricky will become a great Shaman. But Mother only wants him to be a well-adjusted and happy boy who plays with children his own age, not animals. “Seven Arrows” is a story that breaks the barriers between fantasy and reality, as Ricky explores the balance between man and animals after falling asleep in front of a black panther’s cage in New York’s Central Park Zoo. Through his dream, Ricky encounters a wise white buffalo, a mischievous black raven, and develops friendships with animals that he never had with people. American Indian legends conflict with twenty-first century technology as Ricky travels through the colors of the Rainbow and their corresponding planets, each one offering a lesson that can lead him to better understand his culture, the animal kingdom, humanity and the dangers of space travelling. Luckily, Ricky wakes up in his mother’s lap in Central Park only to realize that his dream is in part real, and he might need to utilize some of his newly-acquired wisdom.