Share the Sky

Regina Mirra


Did you ever wonder why the moon moves in front of the sun and blocks the sun’s light from time to time?Did you ever wonder why the stars sometimes shoot across the sky, leaving a trail of shiny glitter?Why do the clouds become noisy and dark and sometimes shoot bright lightning bolts towards the earth and into the sky?Why can’t it be light outside all the time?Some of these things can be very confusing and even sometimes scary.Share the Sky is the story of why these things happen.______________________________________________________________Share the Sky tells a story with an important purpose and a message.The storyline is not just an entertaining tale for children but also a story that can help alleviate childhood anxieties (fear of storms/lightning/thunder/the dark) at a time when some young children typically struggle with these happenings.Share the Sky also reinforces the concept of sharing (at a time that is crucial in child development).Share the Share the Sky story with your child!