She and I: Two People In Lust

Nevaeh A.R.


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She and I: Two People in Lust is a story that takes place in Seattle, Washington. Jamie is a nineteen–year–old college freshman who is trying to find herself and heal from her past. Talia, on the other hand, is a twenty–year–old college sophomore who is trying to deal with her mother and her religious ways. They meet in a bookstore, where everything begins to become more than a friendship. Their sexual tension is high, and they can’t bear to control themselves after they meet for the first time. Jamie plays the more feminine character. She’s vulnerable to Talia’s more masculine and dominant appearance. As they try to fight the desire of it being more than sex, both characters find themselves in traumatic events that are either going to break them apart or make them realize how much they really want to be with each other.