Sherbert M. Holmes


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When the catnip is missing who better to investigate than Sherbert M. Holmes?”Allow me to take the time to introduce myself. I am the one and only Sherbert M. Holmes, I am an orange-and-white long hair cat, with many talents and skills. Allow me to further explain, if you would be so kind. You see, I like to solve cases, but not just any type of case. I solve the cases that are not meant to be solved. I help others find things that have gone missing. Things that were once in their possession, but now can no longer be found. Finding these missing items is, in a way, like playing hide-n-seek with the missing items. However, I do not hide my eyes and count to twenty, because the item has already been hidden, so all I need to do is find the item. Since the items are hidden and I simply go and seek them for their rightful owners . . .”Sherbert M. Holmes investigates the missing catnip with the help of his loyal assistant and big sister Dr. Pipper. Together they search for clues that may lead them to the missing catnip. Follow Sherbert M. Holmes as he embarks on this adventure to find the missing catnip. The adventure that will have you saying . . . abracameow!