She’s Not Crazy; She’s My Sister

Leah Eckart


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All Grace wants is to have a normal life, but with an autistic younger sister who is nonverbal, that is a challenge. The fact that she also has an annoying sister, who is a kindergarten brat, makes things doubly difficult.From the time Grace wakes up until she goes to bed, she has to deal with one or both of her sisters throwing a fit about something. Also, she knows her mom and dad are stressed out, so she feels the pressure to always be helpful and good while she is at home with her family.This year, she is starting at a new school, and she just wants to make a good impression, make some new friends, and let her home life be a secret. She especially wants to make one on the cute boy, Grayson, who is in her class. But when a mean girl in her class meets her wild family, it seems like all hope is lost. It definitely does not help that the nasty girl has a crush on the same boy as she does, and is one of the most popular girls in the whole school! Will she allow a bully to ruin her whole school year? Or will she stand up for her sister and risk everyone knowing that her family is different?